The NIILM University promotes research in the various areas of Science, Management and Technology. The focus is on publishing research papers in conferences, seminars, workshops and journals. The research spans a diverse set of disciplines such as biotechnology, electronics and communication, power systems, computer sciences, information technology, management, commerce and finance. NIILM University inculcates research attitude among students and faculty. It believes in creation of knowledge through research. Research is introduced right from the first year at undergraduate level. The University plays a proactive role in helping the faculty members to take up consultancy assignments.

NIILM offers experimental and intellectual resources and provide assistance to different sectors through professional consultancy. The Institutes undertake consultancy projects in divergent activities in management and science and technology. The University has experienced and knowledgeable faculty members with expertise in marketing, finance, operations, strategy, human resource development, operations research, economics and information technology, fashion technology, media and mass communication and engineering. The Institute undertakes each project under scientific framework of research methodology with the latest knowledge in respective fields. The University encourages and provides active support to its teaching community to conduct research, publish textbooks and also sponsoring them to national and international conferences and workshops.

For providing a greater insight to our faculty in their research, our university has created a research Forum NARF, NIILM Academic Research Forum in which constant efforts are being done by the members to promote the research work in various arenas. The forum keeps a track on all the research & allied activities in those areas happening around the world and thus disseminates the required information to all of our faculty members. It is engaged in organizing events like Conferences, Workshops, Seminars and FDPs. The Forum is thus contributing a great deal in motivating, providing timely information and kindling interest of our faculty & students towards research. It is planning to publish two Journals Professional Journal and NIILM Research Journal. Professional Journal will be covering general write ups of students & faculty members. In NIILM Research Journal, research work carried out by scholars will be published.

The faculty is regularly involved in one activity or the other to upgrade their skills and stand well up to the expectations of the students. The University provides them ample opportunities to nurture their area of specialization by conducting various activities like:

Faculty Development Programmes (FDP)

The University lays major emphasis on FDP sessions and conducts these frequently for the teachers of all the courses. FDPs act as a major strength of the University and enhance the level of intellect of the teachers. Renowned people from industry and academia are invited to conduct these sessions for guiding the teachers to equip them with the best and the latest developments. FDPs not only focus on enhancing functional area expertise, but also on improving one’s classroom delivery both as a teacher and trainer. These sessions have been a major success for the University, a morale booster for the teachers and above all a beneficial process for the students. The FDPs provide inputs on process and practice of entrepreneurship development, communication and inter-personal skills, creativity, problem solving, achievement motivation training, inputs on resource and knowledge industries. The training methodology includes case studies, group discussion, games and simulation exercise, field visits and classroom lectures.

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