One To One Counseling

Traditional, time-tested avenues of employment making way for newer opportunities and career paths, and today, most students are faced with a bewildering array of choices of colleges, study subjects, fields of specialization and methodologies. Students are faced with the unenviable task of having to make choices based on popular opinions or trends. Very few, if any make choices based on potential and real aptitude. This means that most new entrants in the professional field are there because they hope that they are in the right place and not necessarily because that is what they like and are good at doing.

At NIILM University, we felt the need to come and work together selflessly to run our Counseling program to bring positive changes in the interest of the students without which the future of the students would be at further risk, the implication of which will affect the nation building-the key objective of education.

The Counseling program at NIILMU works on the principle of Friend – Philosopher – Guide, where every faculty member is appointed as a Counselor for a set of 30 students in the campus. Class counseling aims to provide empathy, support and helps the student to attain a mature state of mind.

The counselor becomes a mentor and develops the student by:

  • Building a partnership to provide guidance and positive perspectives.
  • Motivates and encourages them to meet challenges with confidence.
  • Solves problems at emotional, intellectual, academic or administrative level.
  • Facilitates interaction and helping them learn from one another.
  • Assists in establishing personal goals.
  • Providing continuous empathy and support.
  • Forms a relationship built on trust

Counseling improves the performance of individual students, provides them with the emotional and instrumental support needed to achieve their goals. It helps to meet the needs of high achievers so that they can attain their full academic potential and develop skills necessary for a successful career. By providing information, guidance, and encouragement, class counselors play an important role in nurturing students’ aspirations.

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