Networking With Various Educational Institutes

NIILM University aims to provide perfect ambience to budding professionals so as to enable them to carve a unique niche in their upcoming fields. Clarity of concept, confidence, discipline, boldness, motivation and grooming are part of the curriculum of institute to make learned professionals. For this NIILM University offers vocational education beyond the secondary education to the students enrolled here as university has collaboration with various educational institute both nationally and internationally. With some of the prestigious educational institutes like NSB,DBS, MIT, ILR, MSB, Imperial college, NUS, University of Virginia etc we have student and faculty exchange programmes to groom both our students and Faculty.

Student Exchange programme bridge the gap between regional and international exchange options offered by NIILM campus by making available to students the wide variety of academic resources in other institutions across globally. Campuses can combine their departmental strengths to develop a methodology which allows students to expand the depth and breadth of their education in their field by taking courses at two different institutions. By exchanging with institutions, students have an opportunity to gain insight into the historical and cultural makeup of different regions, to improve communications skills with individuals from diverse backgrounds, and to eliminate racial and ethnic stereotypes. Educational institutes collaboration encourage and facilitate more courses and options to our highest achievers. The functional ability of every institute is to build knowledge based links and to create enterprises which will be fulfilled by collaborating with other institutes.


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