International Environment

More than 200 International students from various countries i.e. Uganda, Bhutan, Veitnam, SriLanka, Afghanistan, Gambia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Burundi, Tibet, Kenya, Ghana, China, Botswana, Zimbabwe Ethiopia are studying at NIILM University.

We at NIILM University have experienced the great achievement of mothering different faces, cultures, races and nationalities. There is nothing that excites and makes one happy than to see that you make different people live comfortably in the same environment together and they become one.

India as a country, has rich and strong culture which is our core competency that makes us different from other countries in the world. In this manner, it is a great feeling to see different students from different parts of the world enjoying our culture and associating freely with other local Students. NIILM University Kaithal is successfully accommodating a large number of students from 21 different countries.

The university is successful in tying all those different beads in one common string. The excitement of living in a new country and environment, meeting new friends, tasting new cuisines, but at the same time being homesick, are common feelings expressed by new international students But at NIILM university we create such an healthy environment that the students from various cultures are homogenously mixed with the students and faculty of our nation. This initiative of NIILM University of bringing students from different parts closure is a remarkable step. It helps them to have a better learning environment where they are given an opportunity to learn various aspects of different cultures. This helps the students to explore about different cultures, to learn about the different lifestyles, to interact with the students of different communities & also it spreads the feeling of brotherhood among them. Study in the NIILM University is not only for grades and degrees, but also for a social life and community, and learning the culture. Also it is helpful in promoting international and inter-cultural understanding among international students.

Educationally, NIILM University as an international campus finds it easy feeding knowledge and wisdom to different students from different areas. The students both Locals and Internationals have developed some discussion groups and this helps in expanding knowledge with the use of live examples from their places. International feel not only come from students but also from faculty as we have international faculty in various branches. At NIILM University various academic, life skills lectures are delivered by international faculties as we have student exchange programmes with various international institutes. International feels also come from as we organize various educational aboard trips both for students and faculty to share educational skills with international institutes.

It is the aspiration of our university to play a contributory role in grooming a society that is committed to national unity through the appreciation of peace and harmony within diversity in our multicultural and multiethnic world.

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