Academic Bulletin

Welcome To NIILM University

The spirit of innovation, modernization and student centric learning approach is the corner-stone of academics at NIILM University. We strongly believe that an interactive platform for students in an enabled and networked environment is the most effective way of learning. Through our student-centric methodologies, we aim to promote the vital skills of inquiry and questioning, which exercise one’s thinking and capacity for discernment. We endeavor that our students discover their own strengths, gain experiential understanding, engage with critical and diverse thoughts, broaden their horizons through delving in different disciplines, and thereby expand their consciousness. Our flexible and modular credit based learning ensures that our students participate in the process of their own learning and also explore their wider range of interests along with pursuing their major courses.

At NIILM University, we care about the quality of learning experience. Our academic programs are benchmarked against international norms and standards. They are designed to give students an opportunity to apply their intelligence, creativity and leadership skills to the challenges of a technology-driven world.

At NIILM University, we strive to initiate our students into pedagogical methods of learning, for we believe that while enhancing their understanding, they should also be able to apply their learning towards solving society’s most pressing and persistent problems. They need to be change-agents for a better global order and at NIILM University, they learn how to.

We welcome you to explore our universe and become part of an exciting journey of self-growth and fulfillment.

Academic Program

NIILM University offers multi-disciplinary global education at postgraduate and undergraduate levels. It is our belief that sound higher education requires a study of diverse subjects, which satisfies personal career, desires, development of broad foundation for subsequent learning and adaptation to new societal needs and maintains flexibility for moving into new areas of interest.

The academic programs at NIILM University have accordingly been designed to help students develop the knowledge and capabilities needed to meet the challenges of today’s society. They are armed with fundamental principles, habit of self-learning and the power that comes from thorough and systematic learning process.

This bulletin describes in detail the Academic System, the Structure of the Courses and brief description of the curriculum.

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