Our Mission, Vision, Values and Quality Policy

Our Vision

  1. To impart quality education for the youth to become ideal citizens of India.
  2. To have facilities for the research in all disciplines.
  3. To aim for an education geared for better job opportunities.
  4. Women empowerment through education.
  5. To inculcate the basic awareness about health and hygiene.
  6. To develop a well – rounded personality having the capability of analytical thinking and a commitment to excel both in personal and professional endeavours. They would grow to have the vision, courage and dedication to operate successfully in a dynamic and technology-driven environment.
  7. To facilitate lifelong learning attitude.

Our Mission

  1. To impart higher education of international standard that meets the changing needs of the society.
  2. To achieve the national and international acceptability for our innovative academic content.
  3. To provide opportunities for higher learning that will also leads to better job opportunities.
  4. To make academics as professional, innovative and research oriented education.
  5. To improve the literacy rate of rural Haryana with a special focus on female education.
  6. To create competitive and cooperative environment wherein the students can learn to excel in their endeavours while respecting diversities.
  7. To develop Centres of Excellence culminating in achieving the cutting-edge technology in all fields.
  8. To nurture students who shall be the leaders of future organizations.

Our Quality Policy

    1. Facilitate high quality and excellent learning experience for a diverse range of learners that will support lifelong learning and provide skills expected that of graduates.
    2. Value, support and recognize excellence in teaching.
    3. Meet the needs and expectations of our stakeholders.
    4. Facilitate learning by providing the academic support infrastructure and environment conducive to the provision of the highest standards in teaching and learning.
    5. Provide equitable access and broadening participation in higher education which are fundamental to “knowledge societies”.
    6. Provide quality of opportunity i.e. the provision of opportunity to progress to higher qualifications or to secure employment commensurate with the qualification acquired at the college.
    7. Aim at continuous improvement in the quality and service provided.
    8. Obtain the commitment of all employees in the organization to quality as a collective responsibility.

NIILM University will educate citizens and leaders of competence, conscience, and compassion and cultivate knowledge and faith to build a more humane, just, and sustainable world.
To create a brilliant future of the NIILM University in which the students, faculty and staff thrive and the citizens, the nation and the world benefit, a future in which the NIILM University is the recognized leader among other universities in:

• Teaching, scholarship and service
• Engagement and public service
• Economic development
• Arts and culture
• Global reach
• Athletics


Building on the existing strong foundation of academic excellence, knowledge and understanding, NIILM University will advance into the highest tier of the nation’s leading public research universities, thereby expanding the scope of its reach and the strength of its world-wide impact.

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