More than 200 International students of various countries i.e. Uganda, Bhutan, Veitnam, SriLanka, Afghanistan, Gambia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Burundi, Tibet, Kenya, Ghana, China, Botswana, Zimbabwe Ethiopia are studying at NIILM University.

Deputy Commissioner Sanjay Joon Kaithal visited NIILM University to take part in MERA JAGRAN MERA MUDDA

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   Time Table Even Semester 2107-18 .

   Commencement of classes for even semester of 2017-18 .

   Revised End Semester Exam Date Sheet ( Dec 2017) .

   End Semester Practical Exam Date Sheet (Dec 2017) .

   Time Table for Ph.D Course Work (Batch 2017) .

   End Semester Exam form (Dec-2017).

   Pre-Ph.D Course Work Classes.

   Course Work and M.Phil Result(Batch-2016) .

Seminar On National Security

Students and Pro V.C. Anuradha Dhar Attended the Seminar on National Security With Dr. Subramanian Swamy